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NFT/Crypto Jobs Training 2022

Mr TechTrader


June 4th - 9th , 2022

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Course / Training Overview

Defi jobs are jobs sought for and gotten online and are mostly paid with crypto.
in the wake of the nft wave leverage on the oppourtunity to work with nft and crypto companies, and get paid in dollars and stable currencies.
The contract payment for this jobs range from $30-$200 dollars weekly

Who is this programme for?

  • You must have Basic Crypto knowledge to enroll
  • You must be using an internet enabled device that supports the discord app
  • You must be a minimum of 15 years of age
  • You must have the training enrollment fee of $30 at an exchange rate of N600 per dollar

Day 1 : wl (whitelist) hunting and sales.

3 hrs

Day 2 : (Moderating) or modding for servers.

3 hrs

Day 3 : Engagement on server chats.

3 hrs

Day 4 : community management.

3 hrs

Day 5: Collab managing and giveaway running.

3 hrs


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  • Bobo d exchange

    feb 14, 2022

    Its all grace comrade..$30 every week is very great and payment will increase after mint

  • Michael khod

    feb 17, 2022

    omo boss imagine $100 per week someones, two months salary thanks again

  • danny

    feb 17, 2022

    Yeah i am so happy bro when i learnt technical analysis i didnt really have capital for trading then so i paid for this defi job training with my last card and it was the best decision now am currently earning $70 a week and in a month $240.

  • michel

    feb 19, 2022

    just 2 weeks into this following your instructions and just see, summed up this jobs put togethr has reached $200 per week and am still starting.

  • Fortune

    feb 20, 2022

    i work as a moderator in this server i got a job of $50 weekly look at the date, things are really happening for me.

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  • Instructor :Mr TechTrader
  • Lectures :5
  • Duration :5 days
  • Max :200 students
  • Course sponsor :Vida ICT


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