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Frequently asked questions

All your most commonly asked questions are answered here,
Before contacting us, we suggest you browse through our FAQS.

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What does live online mean?

The class is designed and structured exclusively for online delivery. Everyone in your class is connected via a live web conference, including the instructor.

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Do I need teaching experience?

You must have the relevant experience of teaching so as to be able to convey the knowledge to your students.

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Can I teach more than one course or skill?

Yes depending on the class strenght and if only the course event times dont clash.

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How much can I expect to earn from online lessons?

This is well discussed and agreed upoun before you commence with tutoring sessions or classes.

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As a teacher, how do I receive payment?

You recieve your payment to your local bank accounts or your crypto wallet which-ever is applicable.

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Do we provide further support to you and the students?

Yes, we do. If you run into any issues, our expert support team is available and ready to help.

What clients say about us?

We provide the best service that comes with the best results.

You've saved my business! I can't say enough about you. this platform has given us a system to reach out to more students.

Tosin titilope

Our Customer

Dude, your stuff is the bomb! I love your system. It's all good. I was treated like royalty. Keep up the excellent work. I will definitely be treating another course again!.

kachisideya emmanuel

Our Customer

Lovely system, an easy way to convert leads to students and teach them without much stress.

John Obi

Our Customer